10/7/12:Not too long now

Wow it seems that the last time I updated this blog was in March. To be honest it’s because I just couldn’t be assed, along with the fact that I have been doing more work at work thus leaving me with less time to just faff around. Thinking about it, maybe it’s because I have been spending every ounce of time and energy within me counting down the days till this godforsaken service is over.

I officially have around 3 months left till I pass out and finally conclude this monumental suffering that is NYSC. I’ve been through so much ish over this so called service that I am now mentally and emotionally drained. I just don’t care anymore. I mentioned earlier that I was contemplating playing the game and investing in some bribery, well… let’s just say that things have been looking up and I have been spending less time melting under the relentless Naija sun. CD was becoming kinda unbearable seeing that most of my friends were in batch B who have now passed out, thus my days were spent sitting on some dusty rock somewhere carving out random symbols in the mud with a dried out twig. Fun times! KMT. General CD is still a chore though. A new local government inspector (LGI) has been appointed. This dude has strolled in head held high and whistling a hopeful tune. The first meeting he held, he went on and on about how stories had been circulating about the waywardness and problematic behavior of the corpers in our LGA, thus he was here to save us! Put a stop to this wayward behaviour and lead us away from the road to ruin and down the path of righteousness. LMAO We’ll see. The first change he put into practise was making us sit through several lectures before he finally signed the cards of the Special CD group then, one by one signed the cards of the DRAMA CD members. As you could imagine signing our cards one by one was no mean feat, firstly because it meant that we all had to queue up in the cramped passage outside of the office, hundreds of frustrated sweaty corpers ebbing back and forth, fighting to make it through the narrow door for the golden signature that would rid them of this hell. In such a situation all manners go out of the window, everyone is genderless and out to reach their desired goals regardless of the consequences. I’m quite ashamed to say but I thrive in such situations and find it gloriously entertaining; maybe because I am a tomboy at heart and revel in this power battle, or possibly because I am deceptively good at dodging and diving, ultimately snaking my way to the front without a hair out of place. You know! 🙂

So apart from CD life isn’t so bad. Recently I met up with my cousins from my mother’s side. It is really heart-warming to discover that you have such a big family. So many people that love and adore me that I don’t even know. Initially I found this really freaky seeing as they could recall personal details about me when I had no idea who they were, but after a while I grew accustomed and even started to revel in it. At least now if I got kidnapped by some ruthless armed robbers or run over by a mindless okada driver then someone would be looking for me, or available to fundraise for my ransom. YAY for family! Another great thing is that I feel really protected. I don’t have any brothers so having so many older male cousins is refreshing and slyly beneficial seeing as I can get them to drive me around, take me out and most importantly PAY!! Hehehehe I must say that being in Naija has unleashed the gold-digger in me. I am most definitely taking advantage of the Nigerian male’s ego and his desire to prove that he can provide. If you wanna pay then you’re more than welcome 🙂


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