The morning of the rest of my life

Sun rays trace around my room; hazy beams forcing their way through the slim silk curtains, whirling and swirling jubilantly, as if too rejoicing in the merriment of the day. My day. The one day in life that God has assigned for the joining of just me and him; That dark chocolate man whose bittersweet taste stains my tongue and possesses my mind to the point of no return. This very day my mind, body and soul will be joined with his, forever to be intertwined till death do us part.

I sink deeper beneath the soft sheets, tossing and turning in tune with my restless thoughts. The depth of such a commitment blows my mind, steals my breath, and even churns my stomach, yet I feel an overwhelming peace, as if this man is this missing piece in my puzzle.  Once those simple words ‘I do’ slip from my delicate lips, my life changes forever. My grip unconsciously tightens around the thickness of the duvet, drawing it closer for a final embrace. Its strokes feel like tender kisses from a wise and knowing friend, engulfing me in a wave of nostalgia; she was my place of solace, where I would come to unleash the plagues of my mind and in response she would emanate warmth, cradling me in her silken arms till all sadness slipped away and I was soothed into peaceful sleep.  Now she spoke, her voice smooth and reassuring, whispering promises of happiness and prosperity, unleashing me to step forth a new woman, ready to take hold of my future with both hands.

The sound of women laughing, singing and praising dances off the walls and into my room, growing so powerful that I can see the vibrations, frantically intermixing with the strobes of stray light. The joyous rhythm chases away all thoughts of doubt, spreading, surging, expanding till it fills the air, threatening to break free and alert the neighbours, birds and bees that my time has come. The singing and the clapping and the dancing and the tapping have my body a-floating, contorting to the rhythm of the beat.  The melodic sounds of Yoruba spill forth from their lips with ease and fluid motion, “Today is your wedding day” they sing, “praise the lord…”, and with that my heart begins to beat so fast that its soon somersaulting, flipping, dipping and skipping, overwhelmed with the happiness that is to come.



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