To my future husband

Sometimes I find myself wondering, what would it be like to wake up to your warm Breath tickling my face? Or your restless sighs as you slowly rouse from slumber? Just once, just once I want to feel your strong arms around me as you pull me closer, burrowing your nose in my hair and relishing my sweet scent. With every breath you pull me deep deeper inside of you, my essence dancing through your body and spreading through your veins, grooving to the melodic beats of your heart.

I rest my face on your firm chest, ensconced on the bed of dark hairs stroking and massaging my cheeks. Your warmth spreads through me in gushes, permeating my body and racing straight to my core. 

Being with you is…..intensified, indescribable, otherwordly. 

Never am I more alive, or simply aware of my existence than when we are one; bodies interlocked, fingers interlinked, souls interconnected. 

When you look at me, bare-faced, brown eyed, clad in your faded T-shirt, never have I ever felt more beautiful. Your heated gaze penetrates my flaws, but indulges in the silky tone of my voice, the way I bite my bottom lip when you call me beautiful, and my indignant pouting at your explicit humour . You accept all of my perfect imperfections, looking forth at the woman and wife that I will be, and the mother of three that you will one day make me. 

I love you, with every breath in this imperfect body I will live for you, with you, abide by you, till death do us part. 

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know where you are, but I know that whoever you are ….. You complete me. Dark feelings of loneliness, sadness, emptiness, flee at your stern command. Your reassuring voice the floodgate for all-transcending warmth and happiness . 

So here I lie, alone in my bed, waiting for the time to pass when our paths will cross and that glow in your eyes will awaken me, bathe me in that incandescent light that forbids darkness. 

So until that blessed day my future husband, I will prepare myself; mentally, physically, spiritually, to be that woman worthy of your humbling love and adoration.


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