Yes a thousand times over!

With all that I am there is no doubt in my mind that he is the one. My love, my lust, my friend, my enemy, my strength, my weakness, anything that can be he is, and fulfils completely. When he asked me to marry him I was speechless, so overwhelmed with emotion that I swayed on my feet, rocking back and forth like a weighty pendulum in the gentle breeze. It was as if this ring that he had slipped on my finger, transported me to the place of my dreams; us on our honeymoon, cocooned in caramel sand as we ducked and dived and ducked and dived, laughing and shrieking and shouting and screaming till our bodies collapsed on the ground, heaving with exertion and devoid of all energy. A playful smile had crept across my lips when he shook me, rousing me from my pensive state and reawakening my senses; all of a sudden I was all too aware of the rapid pounding of my heart and the heavy breathing of the handsome young man kneeling before me. His body trembled as his muscles tensed; worriedly, expectantly, bracing themselves for what could be a fatal blow.

“Yes”, I said. “Yes, Yes, a thousand times over Yes”. What started out as a gentle whisper culminated in a scream; a scream so loud it struck the air like lightening, ripping through the dark night in violent waves. His chocolate brown eyes widened in surprise, and then settled on mine in joyful recognition. The 29th January 2011. The day that I became Tunji’s wife.Image


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