She dated my dad

I am married with 3 kids and dearly love my wife, but recently I found out that my wife used to date my father who is now late. What makes things worse is that she had this affair with my dad whilst my parents were married and she was the reason why my mother divorced my father. My wife failed to inform me of any of this. Should I stay with her for the sake of our marriage and family or leave?


2 responses to “She dated my dad

  1. That’s why some secrets are better shared early. I think if he confronts her and she shows genuine remorse, he has no reason to leave her. Have they had a great marriage? Does he have any other warning signals? Any other skeletons in her closet?


    • Hi, Thanks for your comment. It’s sad but some people are facing issues like this. I say try and continue with the marriage for the sake of their children and relationship, but realistically, do you really think it would be possible to stay with the person that you know was the cause of your parents marital discord? the person that slept with your parent countless times. I think a strong woman might be able to forgive, but a naija man, with there inflated egos? mmmmm not too sure.


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