Follow your dreams or your heart?

Every girl has that hope of meeting the guy of their dreams. But what happens when you meet that guy? -you’re in an amazing 2 year relationship with him that could potentially lead to marriage, but then something else comes up. You are offered the career opportunity of your dreams: working abroad in an exotic location, in a senior role, for one of the most recognised companies in the world. Would you be willing to sacrifice your relationship for it? or would you sacrifice your dreams for a chance to settle down with your partner?

Likewise, guys, if you were the boyfriend of a girl in that situation, would you be willing to move abroad with your potential Mrs? Would you try long distance? or would you call the relationship off altogether?


One response to “Follow your dreams or your heart?

  1. Well personally i think it all Boils down to decision and intent. If Both parties have decided to create a future Together, and to grow together; then Long distance is a suitable solution. But if the relationship is just a Growing up thingy, or what we call a “Try your luck activity” then i guess they will both know that thats where the story ends :(.

    I wouldn’t let my Woman jump and follow me on the Journey out of love oh, I think that way she would be too dependent, so Distance Relationship is my pick in such a case. Cheers Bim.


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