Social media stalker

Facebook-StalkingIs it just me or am I the only person that hasn’t ever felt the need to stalk my partner via social media when I’ve been in a relationship? How am I being told by several girlfriends that they check their mans Instagram on the regular, monitor his friends and posts on Facebook, and keep a tab on who likes his pictures. If some girl is liking too many pictures then it’s time to investigate this heffers page too. Oh and yeah, you can’t forget all of his friends twitter pages, just in case he’s doing some business with the boys that he hasn’t told you about.

Ermmmmm is this healthy? I feel like this kinda ish is enough to drive a woman to paranoia and beyond. Or am I missing out on something here??? Are you a social media stalker?


She dated my dad

I am married with 3 kids and dearly love my wife, but recently I found out that my wife used to date my father who is now late. What makes things worse is that she had this affair with my dad whilst my parents were married and she was the reason why my mother divorced my father. My wife failed to inform me of any of this. Should I stay with her for the sake of our marriage and family or leave?

I’m in love with another man

Human beings are hedonistic creatures. Greedy to the core. We are always searching for ways to enhance something, whether it be are state of mind, wealth or appearance. But when is enough enough? When should we quit searching and be content with what we already have?

Love is something I’ve always said that I will never compromise on, but if you were in a long-term committed relationship with an amazing guy; someone that possessed all of the qualities that you have ever thought you wanted, and then you met another guy; someone that awakened things inside of you that you never knew existed, and possessed all of the qualities in a man that you have ever wanted and then some, would you leave your current partner? This good man that you have shared years of your life with, genuinely loves you and you love too, for this potentially great man that you also love and could have an amazing future with.